La Martina is a family-led company founded in Buenos Aires in 1984 by Lando Simonetti. The company is focused on the production of technical equipment for the sport of polo and a collection of clothes and accessories whose style is inspired by the world of polo. Today La Martina is a globally recognised brand, both in the fashion industry and for the outstanding quality and innovation of the technical material supplied to polo players of the highest rank. La Martina has always been an ambassador for the values of polo and is one of the reference points for the international polo community as a result of its untiring work in sharing and developing the culture of this sport through the support it has given to clubs, associations, professionals and amateur players over different generations. An international brand that sticks firmly to its original essence: family values and authenticity.

“Because La Martina is not only a multinational, but also a family business”Lando Simonetti


As a result of its unique characteristics, La Martina has become the topic of research at various universities, including the well-known Harvard University, which has incorporated the brand into one of its courses as a successful business case study: an Argentine family brand that has managed to capitalise on its roots in polo, expanding globally over a few years as a supplier of hi-tech equipment and as a creator of polo-inspired fashion. In 2008, the Harvard Business Review Global Business published an analysis of the brand in an article entitled “La Martina (A): "Pasión Argentina" Case Study Analysis & Solution”. The study was aimed at exploring and analysing diverse aspects such as brand development, growth management and globalisation. In 2011 La Martina established its European headquarters in Switzerland, in the Ticino canton, where it found a favourable environment which supported the development of the business and the growth of the brand.


The determination to pass on and share what the brand has learnt over the years led Lando Simonetti to establish the La Martina Foundation in 2016 with two main objectives: support family businesses and spread the key values of polo. Fair play, respect for opponents, a sense of honour and responsibility towards the team and the other staff members are some of the foundational values of polo. They represent universal principles and, at the same time, are real tools that can be made available to future generations. La Martina Foundation is determined to encourage the development of social, educational, IT and management activities. The areas of interest are mainly business, education, humanities and sport. The Foundation’s Board consists of Daniele Bavera (President), Enrico Roselli (CEO La Martina Europe) and Marco Passalia (Member of the Grand Council of Ticino).

The Foundation pursues objectives geared towards the public good and is a non-profit organisation.